Initiatives – Quincy



The good work God has called us to in Quincy is only beginning. Yet we plan to implement the following initiatives and programs so that the life-changing power of the gospel might be experienced by the people of Quincy.

Igreja Presbiteriana Cristo Rei em Quincy (that’s Portuguese for “Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Quincy”) is a Brazilian PCA Church that has been in Quincy for over fifteen years. In September of 2017, their pastor approached me about planting an English-speaking congregation in Quincy that would partner with his Portuguese-speaking congregation in the work of the gospel. By working together, we can impact a greater scope of the city of Quincy than either congregation could individually. Our hope is to celebrate one another’s ministries and partner in ways that are mutually beneficial for both congregations.

Think & Drink is a regular gathering that promotes thoughtful, meaningful and respectful dialogue on topics that impact our lives in the modern world. The conversations are both personal and thought provoking, and draw in a diverse cross section of the community. Think & Drink is not a Christian huddle, but an inclusive space for conversation to all who come to listen, seek truth and share. Currently, the Think & Drink group that I began in Somerville has over 4,000 people, though we only have space and resources to host 12-15 people on a given Wednesday. These conversations have given me, as a Pastor, a chance to listen and gain greater understanding of our cultural context, to break down the many misconceptions people in our city have about Christianity and to speak the truth in love about Jesus Christ. Further, they have allowed me to build friendships with many in our community who do not know the grace of Jesus Christ. Through the friendships formed as a result of Think & Drink, many people have begun investigating or “trying on” Christianity, several people have come to church, and at least one has put his hope in Christ. Given the overflow of members in Somerville, we will start a new chapter of Think & Drink that will meet regularly in Quincy.

A Community of Belonging | We believe the gospel breaks down the barriers of sinful and flawed human beings belonging in the very presence of God. If the gospel breaks down the barrier to our belonging to God, it also breaks down the barriers human beings have set up to divide ourselves from one another. We long to establish a multi-ethnic, inter-generational church where people of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds can celebrate their shared identity in Christ.

Community groups are one expression of the love of Christ. In a community group, members are committed to the flourishing of others in the group. Relationships are being formed through table fellowship and Bible study, as well as praying for one another, the church and our city.

CityServe was established in Somerville in 2017, inspired by the good work in Portland, Oregon. In this endeavor, Christ the King Somerville, with three other local, like-minded churches, pooled resources to serve the city together. United for the common good, we are able to have a greater impact together in the city than any of us could individually. As Somerville CityServe continues its work in the coming years, I will bring this experience to Quincy. Already in Quincy, I have found like-minded pastors with a deep desire to work together for the sake of the kingdom, thinking bigger than their own churches.

ESL Program – We will partner with Christo Rei (the Brazilian Church) in the English as a Second Language ministry they have already begun. Together, the two congregations compliment each other well: their connections to the immigrant communities who desire to learn English, and our ability to fluently speak and teach English. Through this ministry, we will lovingly build relationships with people from all over the world, and endeavor to show and share with them the life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.